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What’s covered with Health Insurance for foreigners?

UNIQA private health insurance for foreigners covers the healthcare costs of foreigners in the Czech Republic and the Schengen Area. You can choose from two basic types of insurance:

Complex health insurance for foreigners

Includes emergency and rescue services, transportation to the hospital, diagnosis and treatment, and necessary and urgent health procedures. You can select a sum insured of up to 60 000 EUR for each insured event.

Supplementary insurance options

Besides the UNIQA health insurance for foreigners, you can order a complementary insurance. You don’t need to worry about income loss in case of a sports injury, or when getting (more) kids.

You can choose from

  • additional liability insurance (covers property damages or health injuries, for example when another person’s things are broken, the neighbor’s property is flooded, injuring a fellow player during sports)
  • additional insurance of sports for professional or registered players*
  • additional insurance for pregnancy and newborn care*

*Only when getting a Complex health insurance for foreigners

Table of tarrifs and insurance benefits

Tarrifs, insurance benefits

max sum insured per claim - EUR danger-ous sports newborn
-insured person
KOMPLEX 75 000 x x
KOMPLEX EXTRA 100 000 x x
KOMPLEX+ 75 000 YES x
KOMPLEX2 75 000 x YES
BASIC 60000 x x


KOMPLEX, KOMPLEX EXTRA, KOMPLEX+, KOMPLEX2: foreigner´s comprehensive healthcare insurance

BASIC: foreigner´s necessary and urgent healthcare insurance

Detailed information about insurance

Foreigners can be vaccinated against COVID 19 from 11.6.2021.

Private UNIQA health insurance for foreigners covers healthcare costs according to the range of the insurance selected, foreigners’ second stay, and according to the health service provider. It fulfills the condition of law no. 326/1999 Coll.

Contractual medical facilities - please contact the assistance servise + 420 234 280 234

  • Do you have questions about the UNIQA’s insurance? Write us an e-mail, and we will get back to you.


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